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Bee Above Your Usual


For over twenty years the law firm’s owner, Angel Zimmerman, set 9 new year’s resolutions each year calling them her “be” goals as the years progressed both “be” and “bees” became her calling card. The hexagon bullets within the law firm’s logo are in honor of the industrious bee.

Our firm colors changed from red to yellow in honor of the suffrage movement that came to Kansas in the 1800s. When they came to Kansas they adopted the sunflower and yellow as their color. Men in favor of women voting would wear yellow carnations and men opposed wore red.

Yellow is in honor of all the women who fought hard to make the day possible where a woman could own her own law firm. Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A. is a woman-owned law firm. Angel practices with her husband, Larry Zimmerman, and staff.

“It has remained… for the ‘Equality before the law’ agitators to don an emblematic color. Yellow, the color of sunflower petals, has been adopted as the distinguishing badge of the woman suffrage army;… The sunflower seems an appropriate flower, as it always turns its face to the light and follows the course of the sun, seemingly worshipping the archetype of righteousness. Let us all don the yellow ribbon, and fling our banners to the breeze. By this sign let us be known, and the more who wear it the greater our strength will be…. It (the color yellow) was first adopted at the American Woman Suffrage Convention in Philadelphia (probably the 1876 convention of the suffragists celebrating the United States Centennial), and was the suggestion of Mrs. Laura Johns, of Kansas.”
“Show Your Colors,” Justicia, Vol. 1, No.4 (December, 1887), pp. 4-5.

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